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Image by Fuu J

Why now?  


For millennia, Humanity has been entrained into living from the Head: a more 'masculine' paradigm,

now fully descended into Patriarchy.


In fact, all that has been created within our global societies, has been intentionally built around the 'worship' of the Head: the pursuit of the linear, rational, functional and tangible,

which now, overly expressed and out of balance with our Heart,  has created a world focused upon 

excess ego, control, power and greed.

The result?

The Head has created systems and structures that contain and control  the natural expression of Humanity.

.....and at the expense of the Heart:

our compassionate, creative, collaborative, inspired and inspiring natural state of being:

.... and, of course, our portal to our long-forgotten divine and multi-dimensional selves

as, unique, self-determining sovereign beings.


The power of the Heart and its divinely held secrets have intentionally been withheld from us,

as the Head has increasingly captured Humanity's dominant  expression.


Now, however, we stand at a critical choicepoint for Humanity's future.


Do we reclaim our innate  connection, the knowledge that has been denied us for millennia: the power of the Heart?

... it's compassionate nature as the key to our multi-dimensional selves....


do we 'surrender' our Heart to worship the Head, as technology and AI is presented as Humanity's only future salvation...

as Humanity is unwittingly being entrained to be subservient to technology...

vs technology being applied in service to Humanity's natural and organic evolutionary path.


A hybridised Human V 2.0 is now being brought into creation without discussion or consent.


The consequences? 

Humanity risks losing its unique and organic evolutionary path of Ascension.

And ... our role  in the evolution of our Galaxy,

where what we decide for our future, also impacts the evolutionary path of our cosmic families'..


What can YOU do and....

Who can YOU be? ensure Humanity's future remains anchored in our divine connection to Unity consciousness, accessed through our Heart, as we each step forward with our vital contribution to birthing a New Earth

that is ours to create.


Let us each reclaim the power of the Heart and then together, purposefully harness the power of the Head in service to our Heart's compassionate and divinely inspired nature as we consciously evolve

upon our true, organic ascension path as an organic, biological species.

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