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The Love Party - A new paradigm for Politics
Heart-Led Humanity: Birthing 5D+

The Love Party - A new paradigm for Politics

Globally there is growing disconnection from the political process and increased distrust of politicians. People are increasingly disengaged from traditional (and failing top-down political processes), yet have not found anything more aligned to take their place. Enter The Love Party in the UK! 3 inspired and inspiring individuals from totally different backgrounds have stepped up to bring their commitment and vision to explore how to fill the gap of public disenchantment with a new approach, philosophy and commitment to serve the public.... and from a space of LOVE: Liberation: Opportunity; Vitality and Empowerment. Lynn, Julie & Rachel are actively seeking to provide a political and social public platform run by the People for the People, responding to the very real needs of our time for community connection, freedom, opportunity and taking back our power: both personally and collectively. So this is a conversation highlighting what else IS possible for Humanity, when we have a new form of political representation without hierarchy and with a true desire to serve the needs of society from a place of true collaboration and interaction. In our conversation we discuss current problems and solutions and above all else the potential to create a society where we all have the opportunity to contribute according to our skills, capabilities and desires and most importantly, where we can thrive alongside one another. If you would like to explore and support this inspiring, new movement, then please visit them at:
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