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'I Am Heart'


This is your invitation to create your Heart-Led Manifesto:

your own, very personal commitment and guide for how you intend (and commit) to living your life as a New Earth influencer and creator.

For inspiration, here are some thoughts you may like to consider in creating your own.

Your Manifesto can be as brief or as long as feels right for you.



My Heart is the centre of my physical, emotional and spiritual Being!


It speaks to me constantly through my feelings, letting me know what direction to take and which choices and actions serve my highest life expression ie; what brings me joy and fulfilment.  It also immediately lets me know (feel!) what people, actions, situations, etc deplete me and take me away from expressing myself fully and authentically.


 My Heart is my own unique GPS system: my connection to my Higher Self and the Divine and is available to me 24/7. 


In order to honour my Heart’s guidance, it is my responsibility to tune into its messages, delivered through my emotions and feelings and then choose how to express that awareness as a conscious behaviour, choice or action in my daily life.


When I am attuned and follow my Heart’s messages, I am aligned with my Soul’s guidance.


I Am attuned to my Heart’s messages when I feel open, positive, uplifted, energised, resilient, optimistic, creative and engaged and when my energy feels expansive and flows outwardly.


I know when I have disconnected from my Heart’s messages, when I feel alone, disappointed, depressed, negative, overwhelmed, depleted, anxious, judgemental, etc.  In short, I am disconnected, when my energy feels restricted, stuck, depleted or unfocused.

I know when I’ve defaulted to Head, when I become analytical, judgemental, logical and seek to control or understand how to make things happen, vs receiving the guidance of my Heart.


My Heart allows me to feel the solution, be inspired or simply ‘know’ what is calling for my attention in this moment of Now. 


My Head (Mind) was created to serve my Heart’s messages as a co-creator and activator, enabler.  Therefore, I always seek guidance from my Heart first, before consulting my Head, as to how best to implement my Heart’s guidance.

For example: When faced with a situation or circumstance that  requires a choice: a specific behaviour or action, I firstly listen to my Heart and the feelings that arise as to what wishes to be expressed through me and only then, consult do I check in with my Head, as to how to live that in the physical world.


My Heart is my direct connection to Source/God/the Divine and my innate GPS, identifying what is aligned to my personal values/truth and what is not.


My ability to connect and hear the messages from my Heart – through my feelings and emotions, dictates the level to which I Am able to self-direct authentically and in alignment with my own personal truth as a free thinking individual and sovereign being.


My Heart is linked to your Heart and the Hearts of every other Human on the Planet.   We resonate as One frequency (Unity consciousness) when we are aligned and attuned to practice self-respect and respect for all things, including our planet and all of divine creation.


My Heart enables me to think freely, without restriction or encumbrance of norms and regulations.  It challenges me to ask questions and follow what I understand and know to be true for me.  It asks that I step into my own authority, personal authenticity and divine uniqueness, regardless of what others might say or do.  It is my own innate arbiter of personal truth and I am harmed emotionally to disrespect,  ignore or actively deny acting upon it’s messages.


My Heart contains the memories of my Soul and my mission this lifetime.  It is only through connecting with it’s higher frequencies, that I remember who I Am, including my multi-dimensional Self, my Divine spark and Source connection; my higher knowledge and understanding of consciousness; my gifts acquired across time and space and many lifetimes and my purpose for being alive on this planet right here and right now.​

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