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Heart-Led Curators


...a long held vision!


Carolina Grace

Chief navigator on a quest for a new 'Heart-led Humanity'...

As a doppelganger for Santiago, the shepherd boy in The Alchemist, I've spent much of my life on an external quest for my 'purpose': my own personal treasure ie; what on earth was I doing on this planet?  I knew there was a reason, just couldn't find anyone who could tell me what it was.  Maybe you can relate?


Starting out as the irritating child who constantly asked 'Why?" and '... can't we do it differently?', my closest allies were a stuffed rabbit fur, Koala bear named Coco and all the waifs and strays I magnetically attracted into my 'field' to bring home.  Ushered in via the front door, only to be ejected by my mother, out the back.


Little changed over the years as I constantly sought to defend the weak (animals and humans), whilst closely examining and then challenging, how best to re-invent systems that were fair, beneficial and available to all, whilst marvelling at how the world accepted such inferior versions as 'normal'.


This, I was able to practice in many different cultures, countries, professions and under many somewhat dire circumstances. Leaving solid impressions (dents in walls and my head) as proof I had passed that way.


It completely floored me ( I had to be alien!) that others couldn't see and appreciate what I did and why, for everyone's sake, it needed urgent re-invention.

So when, whilst in Oz, my life unravelled on every level (health, marriage, income, home, career within a 2 week period with no support network to call on) I took it as a personal note from the Divine that things needed to change!


That was but my first introduction to a Dark Night of the Soul experience.... others were to follow, but it definitely hit a 10 on the 'outstandingly memorable' scale of what constituted a DNS for me.

It did herald, however, the beginning of my more conscious spiritual life.

Disillusioned with the business world, I decided that maybe influencing the 'leaders' themselves might be a strategy to support the changes I was craving, but after years of intentional and international 'influencing', I realised I was simply creating new influencer 'models', hamstrung within an outdated Head-led system.  They served and benefited the societal structures and systems already in place; their effects were transitory and unsustainable and rarely filtered down to those entrapped within them;

they simply perpetuated the outdated Head-led system.

Now, however, I am exploring how to support the creation and emergence of the new Heart-led visible and committed wayshowers and influencers across ALL sectors of society, as the new Heart-led role models demonstrating 'what else IS possible' as we birth a new era of compassion, respect and collaboration on our New Earth. 


AND of course... when we acknowledge and claim our multi-dimensional capacities, as sovereign, self-determining beings having a Human experience. 

Now finessing opportunities to support the evolution of bring the New Earth, birthed from the Heart.


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